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My Why

I wasn’t raised in a wealthy family, nor did many of my close circle come from wealthy families. Yet, I grew up with a very, very happy childhood. My parents were very goal oriented and built their family on strong financial fundamentals. As a result, I was given every opportunity to pursue my dreams, and no amount of money could ever repay my parents for their efforts and sacrifice. The closest repayment I’ve found today is to pay it forward to others in need.

As I began pursuing a career in financial services, it pained me to be coached by mentors, professors, and employers who essentially told me to abandon my vision of paying it forward and to pursue the high-networth individuals. It became very obvious to me that the financial services industry was built to service the wealthy, but that meant I had to watch my siblings, parents, and friends struggle to find how they could create their own financial independence.

Of course, that never sat well with me. Contrary to my mentors, professors, and other industry leader’s advice, I became very determined to help other young families take every opportunity to create long-lasting memories with their loved ones.

My goal is to instill enough confidence in your financial strategy that you can turn your focus back to creating those golden memories.

Matthew, Kelly, & Charlotte (CoCo)

Matthew, Kelly, & Charlotte (CoCo)

Nakkshi (낚시)

Nakkshi (‘knock-shee’) simply is the Korean word for ‘Fishing’.

Korea is where I dedicated a few years in voluntary missionary service. It was an opportunity to connect with my grandma and Korean ancestry. Most importantly, it’s where I met my wife and connected with my future.

Fishing has always been a way that I’ve connected with my dad and grandpas on both sides of the family. It’s a hobby we all shared, and it’s a way for me to continually strengthen those relationships in a way that is special to us.

In my life, Korea and Fishing are Golden Memories.

A Golden Memory is an opportunity that has to be taken in the moment knowing that you can never buy back that missed opportunity.

Thus, Nakkshi emerged as a constant reminder for me and for others that I should always give more emphasis to creating memories than creating market returns.

Your financial plan will help prepare you to seize those opportunities that will create golden memories.

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Alaska Fishing Trip 2023

Alaska Fishing Trip 2023

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It's more than numbers. It's values, wishes, fears, emotions.




It's providing you with the tools to become self-reliant and confident in your own abilities.




 It's about course-correction. Taking a small step forward and reassessing with the new information gathered. 

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